Don't find a church. Find a family.

Every person is hard-wired with the need to belong. The need to attend a great event is somewhere lower on the list. While it’s true that every time we gather we want everyone to have an excellent experience, that is not our primary focus. Our deepest desire is to build healthy family, where you feel you have a place of belonging, where you experience unconditional love and acceptance, where you can be healed, inspired, equipped, and released to be all you are created to be, all while being free to be yourself.

We have a very low value on “religious performance” and a very high value on authenticity. Aussies are innately suspicious of the slightest bit of pretence, so we only do “real”.

We know that love is defined by who God is. The more He is free in our midst, the more His Spirit tangibly flows, the greater the expression of love. That’s why one of our deepest values is His tangible presence being released, felt, experienced whenever we meet.

We’re not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but we are genuine in our desire “to show the world what love really is.” We would love to connect with you, so you’re very welcome to come to one of our gatherings, or to get in contact with us.

Please feel free to find out more about us by browsing through our site where you can meet our leaders, understand more of our values, and understand our history.

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