Our Leaders - Tim & Debbie Ferris

Tim & Debbie Ferris are the founding leaders of i61 Church.

Tim is a speaker, teacher, pastor, and trainer with over 20 years experience in church ministry. Tim combines business and ministry in a unique way that sees him engaging the corporate, government, and community sectors, as well as speaking and consulting with churches. He has a strong heart to develop leaders that usher in the Kingdom of God into every sphere of society, and to see all people set free to live fruitful and effective Kingdom lives.

Since graduating from Bible College over 20 years ago, Debbie has worked in high schools and churches as a coach, youth worker, and pastor. She is a powerful leader and a gifted communicator whose heart beats for the Presence of God and the transformation of cities and nations.

Debbie & Tim are blessed with three amazing boys - Joshua, Daniel, and Nathan.