The New Season - Asking Big

We looked at the new season & era we are entering into this week with the New Hebrew Year 5780 ‘Pey’ the mouth. We also looked at what our ‘asks’ are. We explored whether we are ‘settling’ for just enough or are we asking with boldness for our big & possibly scary dreams & desires. We gave our disappointments & fear of Rejection to Jesus & chose to trust Him with our big ask which we then shared with someone...prophesying that very dream over our own lives!

The Power of Covenant

Tim continues where Vaughan left off last week, talking about the power of covenant. Covenant is the highest form of human relationship, and God is a covenantal God. Tim explores the nature of covenant relationships, looking at Ruth and Naomi, and David and Jonathan. We need to understand that Biblically, all fruitfulness flows from covenant. Walking in true covenant relationship opens the door to us truly showing the world what love really is.

Breaking Financial Constriction

It was one of those weeks where multiple praying people shared the same prophetic words and themes with us. The theme was… at the end of the financial year, God wants to break financial constriction off us. That constriction is part of the spirit of the air, and Tim speaks into how to come out of alignment with a constricting financial spirit, and how to bring our financial world into alignment with God’s Kingdom and His abundance.

The Ekklesia, The Heart Journey, and Heaven's Blueprint

Tim wraps up (we think) this series on the Ekklesia, bringing together the key concepts from the series, and reinforcing that the heart journey is at the core of heaven’s blueprint for the church. The early chapters of Acts are the closest in time to Jesus stating the He will build His Ekklesia. We know they manifested heaven’s blueprint because cities were transformed. Heaven’s blueprint was deeply relational, filled with passionate fire, and out of that place, they demonstrated the supernatural power of God, and as a result, turned the known world upside down.

The Ekklesia - The Blueprint For Taking Cities

If our churches are growing, while the social statistics in our cities are worsening, something is wrong with the blueprint from which we are building churches. The Ekklesia that Jesus instituted turned the known world upside down, and it impacted all of society, not just the church meeting. Tim gives most of this message to a documentary by Ed Silvoso on the transformation in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. It gives us real life look at a true Ekklesia transforming a city that was once the murder capital of the world. To get the full picture of this message, at the right point, pause the audio, and watch the video at then come back to the rest of the message.

The Ekklesia - Legislating On Earth and in the Heavenlies

In a key strategic word for i61, Deb and Tim Ferris, and Megan Edward tag team in exploring the fact that we have authority in the earth realm to legislate through acts of justice, and in the heavenly realm through our authority to bind and loose. In our region, the python spirit has been a key atmospheric stronghold. The team looked at the symptoms of this spirit’s operation, and lead in ministry to break off any attachment in us that would give it ability to affect us. As we step out from under the “powers of the air” we establish an open heaven in our region where it’s easy for people to encounter Jesus and get free.

The Ekklesia - Justice and Revelation

Steve Frost continues our series on the Ekklesia. Jesus’ design and intention for his church, revealed in the word He chose to describe it, was a group of people called out of their homes into the public square to act and make decisions for the welfare of their city. He didn’t have in mind a group of people doing religious activity. His heart is a family that loves well, and practically enacts that love through bringing justice where it’s needed. The way the church loves others and does justice reveals a world gathered under the universal Fatherhood of God and filled with heaven’s presence.

Taking Ground - The Ekklesia, The Seven Mountains, and Discipling Nations.

Tim continues the series on the Ekklesia. What Jesus had in mind when He said He would build His ekklesia was different to the church we see today. His ekklesia turned the world upside down in a relatively short period of time. The early church’s statisticss were far superior to what we see in the Western world. His blueprint for the ekklesia sees us discipling nations into being “sheep nations” who are ultimately presented to Jesus as a gift.